Lyme Regis Potter – Ali Herbert

West Dorset potter Ali Herbert produces ceramic collections for daily use  and limited editions of different shapes and forms that provide Ali with the opportunity to experiment and work with a new Modernist genre of vessels . All of the ceramics work offered from Ali is handmade and trimmed on the potters wheel and is labour intensive. These are quiet forms that emphasise calm, simplicity, refinement and order.

Yunomi foot detailAli chooses materials and glazes that emphasise the tactility of clay,  she prefers to work with traditional blends of French clay and Cornish clay from St Agnes.  Some clay is peppered with tiny nuggets of Iron Pyrites, and has high iron content. The pots are glaze fired in a Gas Reduction kiln to produce stoneware with an earthy palette, freckled with iron spots and rich with colour.  Each one bearing the mark of its maker and the firing process with subtle variation in form, colour and texture. Please note that no two pieces are exactly the same – as alike as twins but always unique as themselves.

Carafe and cup detail

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