It’s a real pleasure to share my enjoyment of working with clay and I find it extremely rewarding to watch students unlock their creative journeys of making in clay. I have given demonstrations of my craft and am also available to give talks to groups and students.

Pottery Lessons

Lessons take place at my studio at Wheeler’s Yard, Colyton, Devon. Teaching how to master throwing skills on the wheel, takes a lot of unpicking of the movements involved and demonstrating good habits and showing that its by getting to know how clay behaves that we can learn to skilfully manipulate it. I also teach hand-building techniques that include coiling, pinch methods and slab building.

Half-day weekend courses for July, runs on Saturday and Sunday 10am – 1pm.
Maximum number of people on each course: 3
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Pottery Course 8-9 July Fully booked


Pottery Course 15-16 July 1 place available